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Speaking Engagements




Announcing Free classroom Skype visits for the peddler's road!

To celebrate the launch of my new series, The Secrets of the Pied Piper, I'm offering free 30 minute Skype visits this fall to any classes or libraries that choose THE PEDDLER'S ROAD as a read-aloud. I'm very proud of this new book and my goal is to talk with as many readers as possible about it this fall! If you're interested in setting up a free Skype visit, just email me and we'll make it happen!

I am available for author visits!

As an educator myself, I know the value of bringing qualified, engaging and prepared speakers into the classroom. Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with students from elementary to the college level as a teacher and facilitator. I am also a moderator for Symphony Space’s Thalia Kids’ Book Club and Book Club Camp series.

As a guest speaker, I bring my experience from the theater and the classroom to each visit and promise a lively, fun and educational experience.

I am available for standard readings and interactive presentations, tailored for small and large groups. I am also available to run creative writing workshops for students of all ages.

With each visit my goal is not just to create an excitement for reading, but to encourage students to express their own creativity and take a chance at storytelling. By the end of each visit I want the focus to be off the books and on the students themselves.

Contact me for availability and pricing


"One of the most memorable and inspirational days my 8th grade students experienced last year was a visit from the acclaimed young adult writer, Matthew Cody. Mr. Cody mesmerized the 8th graders as he discussed his own creative writing process, sharing how he transforms a blank page into a magical story. His novel POWERLESS, quickly became one of the hottest books in the 8th grade library. Kids left the workshop feeling motivated, excited and electrified about their own creative process. He encouraged them to find their own stories to share with the world. It was by far the mot riveting writing workshop of the year."

Emily Strang-Campbell
Staff Developer, The Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University


"Matthew Cody's visit to Holland Brook School was the single most exciting and motivating experience for 500 students in 2011! The students were absolutely captivated by every word and detail that Mr. Cody had to share with them. To read his book and meet the author; girls and boys alike were able to share in a possibly "once in a lifetime" experience. They are so thrilled and eager awaiting his return in the winter of 2012" Holland Brook school loved him so much we are having him back to teach an author in writing for 4 sessions each for our 5th graders. It is so wonderful and gratifying to see the teachers and students excited about his return. Personally, my son has had his "ahah" love for reading experience with Powerless and Mr. Cody's visit. I can't thank Mr. Cody enough for opening that venue to my son with talented writing."

Katina Foglia
Holland Brooke School, HSA Vice President


"Matthew Cody really engages with a young audience.  He knows what kids are interested in because it’s what he’s interested in, too.  Not only do they love his books, they really enjoy interacting with him.  We have had him come to our Thalia Book Club Camp twice in the past three years.  The nine-to-twelve year old campers who had been at the first visit were enthusiastically awaiting this summer’s visit.  It was exhilarating!"

Madeline Cohen
Education Director
Symphony Space